Justification Lacking for Significant Increase in Fauquier County School Budget

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  In the 1 February edition of the Fauquier Times Democrat, a letter by Fauquier County School  Superintendent Jonathan Lewis was published which outlined what will happen if the Board of Supervisors does not receive a significant increase in the school budget for the upcoming year.

“He threatens sports may be cut, teachers may be cut, text books won’t be replaced, buses won’t get replaced, employees will pay a larger share of their health insurance and won’t get a raise for the fifth year in a row, class sizes will increase, art, music, PE, computers, health services, salary supplements (hmm…?), and a plethora of other services will either be reduced or cut completely if the supervisors don’t grant schools more money, more money, more money.”

“Clearly the superintendent intends to strong-arm the supervisors to raise taxes to provide more money for schools.”

“The superintendent is attempting to enlist teachers and sympathetic citizens to force the supervisors to do the dirty work of extorting more money from the taxpayers for their social programs. It is the same tired tactic used by progressives throughout our country. When faced with insufficient “resources” to fund their social programs, they always bring out the big guns: “If taxes aren’t raised, we’ll be forced to cut (insert vital services of interest to local public: teachers, firefighters, police, etc.)”.

Much of the money the Superintendent wants is to support Progressive social programs like “International Baccalaureate” (IB), a United Nations plan to re-educate U.S. children to be better “global citizens” as defined by those who believe the U.S. needs to be taken down a peg or two.

“If you are a parent of a Fauquier County child you definitely need to understand what IB is all about. Read what IB proponents say about it at ibo.org but also visit truthaboutib.com to find out what it is really about. You owe it to your children to know what they are being taught. If you are a taxpayer, you need to understand what you are paying for as well.”

I have submitted a rebuttal letter to the Fauquier Times Democrat which will hopefully be published in the 8 February issue, but I have also posted that letter at Fauquier Now (fauquiernow.com) an online publication which I encourage all FC residents to visit as a conservative alternative to the liberal views of the editorial staff at FTD.


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