International Baccalaureate – Do You Know What Your Children are Learning in School?

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Mid-Atlantic International BaccalaureateI researched and wrote this article to publish in the Fauquier Times Democrat to inform parents about a program that Dr. Lewis, the FCPS Superintendent is intending to implement in the FCPS system. It is posted here because it is not just a Fauquier County Virginia issue, but infact a state wide issue, and indeed a national issue. If you are a parent of a school age child or a taxpayer, you need to know what is being taught in school with your tax dollars. 


Raise your hands; how many parents and taxpayers know what International Baccalaureate (IB) is? All of you should. The 21st century education the Superintendent of FCPS intends to provide your children will be based on the tenets and values of IB. If you do not know what IB is about, I don’t fault you; neither did I until I began researching it after I learned it is an integral part of Aspirations 2015, the strategic plan for the FCPS system.

If you care about the values your children are learning at school please perform due diligence and research IB yourself.  The website ‘’ is a good starting point, and will link you to references both pro and con including so you can make your own decisions about IB.

Many believe that IB is indoctrination. Indoctrination is not education, it is manipulation of the minds of our youth and its success depends on your indifference about what is being taught to your children.

IB is a United Nations program under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The stated purpose of UNESCO is “to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture in order to further universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedoms proclaimed in the UN Charter.”   Sounds great, right?

IB is used in many U.S. school districts in lieu of the Advanced Placement (AP) program which gives students college credits for certain courses when applying for colleges and universities.  In order to receive credit for IB the student must complete the entire program and receive the diploma. Very few students benefit from IB because it is very difficult to obtain the diploma and AP courses are much more widely accepted by U.S. colleges and universities than are IB diplomas. IB is also more expensive to implement, so why would any school district choose IB over AP programs?

The answer lies largely in an agenda of political and social transformation that is promoted by the left to create better “global citizens” from the raw material of our children.

IB seeks to condition children from the very youngest students through high school age to become acceptable global citizens. The emphasis throughout IB is social, economic, and environmental justice. In English, IB is about redistribution of wealth and resources among nations and individuals. It is Global Socialism.

IB sprang from The International School of Geneva founded by Marie Maurette, which taught students in a manner that downplays nationality to get children to identify and form allegiance to a global community versus a national allegiance. She emphasized teaching community action to effect global change, meaning removing individual, community, and national identity from students to make them better “global citizens.”

Madame Maurette insisted that history “should not be taught before age 12 if it was to avoid becoming a gallery of dubious national heroes.” This allows history to be revised to downplay the importance and greatness of people like Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

She further stated, “As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism [patriotism], education in world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results.  …It is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The school should therefore [use the means described to] combat family attitudes that favor Jingoism” [extreme patriotism]. She advocated removing the family from the educational picture to prevent you the parent from “poisoning” your children with patriotism. She may have also been advocating removing the child from the family to prevent this “poisoning”.

 The goal of IB is to remove all national pride such as American Exceptionalism from our children and to subjugate their needs and wants to that of a global citizenry, which must also be governed by a global authority presumably under the UN.

In 2005 then Director General of IBO, George Walker, highlighted Madame Maurette’s legacy to the IBO stating it was no coincidence that IB grew out of her ideas on teaching. He specifically referred to her “special kind of history [which is] needed to combat nationality,” her advocacy of “community activism by children and youth” (there are similar youth activism movements in oppressive governments around the world), and her consistency of message among all curriculum areas including “the hidden curriculum” on international education. Translation: the message is in everything your children will learn in the IB program, even the most innocuous subjects.

Walker also said that the goal of IB is to create the “True Global Citizen [and] … Citizenship implies action…, [and] young people need to feel first of all global citizens, second national citizens, third local citizens.” The logical extension is “lastly individual citizens;” completely contrary to the individual rights and liberties promised in the U.S. Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by our Constitution. IB tenets are therefore in complete contradiction to the Constitution of the United States.

Walker explains what global education is and what it is not.  First, global education is not what the average US citizen would think it is.  It is not international awareness of other nationalities and their views, culture, and values; and it is not an academic education that prepares the student for international employment.


 Instead Walker explains that a global student education is one that changes the belief system of the student so that the student no longer believes in patriotism and nationalism or the religion passed down by his culture. And it  produces a citizen, in Walker’s  own words again, with the “skill of persuading [other] people to compromise or change their minds” as well, a citizen with  “both the ability and the attitude that wants to shift another persons position as well as their own.”


The universal values IB teaches are those found in the UN’s “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” not the U.S. Constitution. These values include peace through disarmament (contrary to the 2nd Amendment) which also conveniently makes individuals powerless to resist the will of an oppressive global government; social justice, meaning the redistribution of wealth and resources both among nations and individuals; sustainable development, which means keeping resources out of reach of individuals to effect controlled development and minimize environmental impact by humans. In practical terms this means dictating where you can live, what transportation you may use, perhaps even how many children you may have. The goal is to force people to live in smaller more concentrated cities, supposedly to minimize environmental impact.

IB “values” serve one purpose: to control every aspect of life and make the global population subservient to a global government controlled by the UN.

To effect these changes, it is essential that the young American mind be conditioned to accept the changes without questioning. Compulsory community activism is part of the IB program, is required to receive the diploma, and advances IB goals in the community.

Intertwined with IB is “The Earth Charter”, a Pantheistic Document. Pantheism equates earth to God and God to earth. It is essentially an Atheist [non] belief; “God is everything, and everything is God.”

The Earth Charter is “a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century.” It advocates among other things the redistribution of wealth, same-sex marriage, spiritual education (meaning education in Pantheism), [military and individual] disarmament, and creation of an international agency to make the Earth Charter binding on all nations. Do you want your children educated to subjugate American interests to the whim of all the nations of the world who hate the United States?

There are many intertwined relationships between IB, global Socialists, and their dream for the Utopian future, a future which requires that citizens be forced against the natural tendencies of man for freedom, to succumb to the dictates of a few “for the betterment of humanity.”  I realize this may all sound surreal so I implore the citizens, taxpayers, and parents of Fauquier County to please do their own research.  Are we going to not only allow, but also pay for this indoctrination of our children? Are we going to allow and pay for that which will ultimately destroy our great nation, or will we make a stand now and say enough is enough? We must educate our children to be outstanding 21st century Americans, not subservient subjects of a 21st century dictatorial socialist global government.



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  1. By nialla, March 10, 2012

    This is being rolled out by county and school NATIONWIDE. I have been doing more and more research on this… and have come up w a lot of evidence from the IB Organization itself.

    On their own Global WebPage iin English IB says that Agenda 21 compliance and documentation of that compliance is a major par of their agenda. Funny thing is up till now, if you brought up Agenda 21 you were told that was a Conspiracy Theory.. now it’s all over their page. When you see PYP or IB or Signature Programs.. these are all IB. Google Agenda 21… or buy the book Behind the Green Mask.

    Here is the webpage. Feel free to peruse and share. It also states that local issues take a back seat to the community web page that any school signed up for this program is by charter required to take direction from IB.. which is UNESCO OVER any local or state government. Global Citizenship… is a huge issue.

    Here is just one link.
    On their own Global WebPage iin English IB says that Agenda 21 compliance and documentation of that compliance is a major agenda of their goals. AA County is signed up for this.. When you see PYP or IB or Signature Programs.. these are all IB. Google Agenda 21…

    Here is the webpage. Feel free to peruse and share. It also states that local issues take a back seat to the community web page that any school signed up for this program is by charter required to take direction from IB.. which is UNESCO OVER any local or state government. Global Citizenship… is a huge issue.

    Here is just one link.

    Scroll down to Sustainability section… an check out the links and comments there. Very interesting. I have been trying to save this to my computer but I am having a hard time doing it.

    if you can save it!

    another interesting fact is that when the schools sign up for IB Programme… they sign a statement saying that IB Curriculum takes precidence over State Local and National curriculums.. UNESCO is bypassing our Govt and getting each school to contract for this.

    The funny thing is… they are whining that since we (THE US ) pulled out of UNESCO we aren’t paying our FAIR SHARE. Laughable. The parents do not realize their kids are getting lessons in community organization, union tactics in their reading and writing classes. And worse in Art and Music.And if you speak out about this be prepared for an attack. The prinicpal of my daughters school called my husband on BASE on a secure line.. and told him I was unstable. Not cool, that is a threat to his livlihood.

    Please feel free to share.

    I am so glad that you posted this on this site… I have been sending tips on this everywhere I can think of who might cover it. The links are provded not by me but a fellow education watchdog. I want to give credit where credit is due.

  2. By nialla, March 10, 2012

    I also wanted to mention to you that this is being rolled out in schools on MILITARY BASES.. like Fort Meade… it is being sold to our soldiers as a plug and play.. since they move every three years or so this sounds good to most military parents that everyone will be in the same place as they move around.. HOWEVER what they don’t realize is that this curriculum teaches kids to mock and dissent on the very values their parents are laying their lives on the line to protect. Please get this word out to the military folks. While they are away fighting for freedom… their kids are being taught values counter to what they have dedicated their very lives to. Their families are being attacked while they are away.

  3. By Chris, March 11, 2012

    This is a must read to understand the IB’s true purpose, as it exists to promote and spread the UNESCO Agenda.

    by Ellen McClay

    A History of the Malignant Effects in American Schools of the U.N.’s UNESCO: Its Transformation of American Society, from the lips of those who did it.

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