DemocRATS Taking Their Toys And Going Home?

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A Message from Pat Mullins RPV Chairman


The Democrats in Richmond showed their true colors this week and confirmed that they are just like their liberal colleagues in Washington DC.

In DC, the Democratically controlled US Senate hasn’t passed a budget in more than 1,030 days.  Instead of making tough choices, they have just kicked the hard decisions that need to be made down the road and have failed to do their job.

And unfortunately, the Democrats in Richmond are following their lead and are refusing to do their job… Unless they get their way.

But despite the fact that voters overwhelmingly rejected their policies, the Democrats have decided to stomp their feet, cross their arms and declare that unless they are returned to power, they won’t pass a budget.

In their lust for power, the Democrats are going to put our children’s education at risk by cutting off funds for our schools and teachers, threaten the pay for our brave and selfless law enforcement officers, and jeopardize the programs our senior citizens depend upon most.

Friends, unfortunately everyone is going to feel the effects of the Democrat’s temper tantrum for power.

We need your help to make sure the Democrats do their job.

First, if you have a Democratic State Senator, call them and tell them to do their job and pass a budget. You can find their Richmond office phone number here.

Second, please consider making a donation to RPV so that we will have the resources to show everyone what the Democrats in Richmond are doing. Your donation of $25, $15, $10 or even $5 will help us fight back against the Democrats temper tantrum.



Pat Mullins

PS – the Democrats are willing to stop funding our teachers, schools and law enforcement officers to get their power back.  Will you let them get away with it?  Click here to help fight back.

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