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Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was started by The American Conservative Union, America’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization in America.  In the late 1980’s I attended my last CPAC, there were 500 or so people with many speakers.  Any interaction was done in the lobby and hallways.  Today’s CPAC is interactive from beginning to end, using technology to help spread information and often gathering responses for further debate.  Many sessions within CPAC 2012 held debates and forums where ideas were exchanged with folks in the conference room,  around the convention center, or from across the Country on live chat!  Each speech was on live feeds via the internet, CSPAN, and many are or will be available, (click here for) You Tube CPAC 2012 videos!

As with any conference or convention, networking is critical for political and business success!  CPAC provides the perfect forum for many Conservative groups to Network.   The new growing Conservative Pop Culture (CPC) came to CPAC 2012; this included my favorite group of Culture Warriors at BigDawg Music Mafia (BDMM).

Lisa Mei Norton, Singer, blogger, “Culture Warriors & the Friday Night Fan JAM” host, and the Co-Founder of BigDawg Music Mafia attended CPAC along with Candi Goldman, Producer of Freedoms Wings, Blogger, and host of “BigDawgers Live from CPAC” (live internet video streaming to your desktop).  These two Patriots setup at CPAC with free BDMM CD’s, buttons, and brochures, letting Conservatives know the “Left” doesn’t completely own the news and entertainment industry!

Candi Goldman co-piloted the interactive Freedoms Wings show, a Blog Talk Radio Show which also reported Live from CPAC!   The pilot and host, of Freedoms Wings, Diane Student responded to the interactive chat room and was able to ask CPAC Participants questions and gain insight for her audience which stretches the globe!  Ms Goldman is also a contributor on Ms Student’s Freedoms Wings website.

Candi (L) asks me a question from the Chat room, how did I, your mild mannered blogger (R) register for CPAC?

Ms Goldman also hosted “BDMM Live at CPAC” While her audience can kick back and enjoy the conversations and interviews they could also type comments in the chat room, ask the guests questions, interact like never before.  Many patriotic folks sat with Ms Goldman and provided information and insight.  Conservative Radio/TV Personality Dana Loesch stopped to be interviewed for instance.    Conservatives do enjoy sharing information, with the emerging Conservative Pop Culture.

Politics and Conservative Pop Culture (CPC) blend well together, well mostly.  The hot new patriotic band, Madison Rising started to sing their songs in the lobby at CPAC, a crowd began to form and after a couple songs, security was there accusing the Band of being occupiers!  Hotel security surrounded the band moving the crowd away, when the Band’s Manager, Rich Mgrdechian jumps into the scene protesting that Madison Rising are CPAC Entertainers!  With credentials verified the Band was allowed to stay at CPAC, thanks to Rich Mgrdechian quick actions.

Andrew Breitbart, Political Blogger, a true CPC Icon, was a guest Speaker at CPAC telling the crowds he has videos of Obama in College.  Another bit of news he provided was a thought provoking story; whatever became of the anti war protestors?   They are now called occupiers!  In his final thoughts, Andrew Breitbart said he is standing with all those standing against the progressive left, “There is two paths, one is America the other is Occupy”.  We, Patriots, must unite as one, Andrew Breitbart is saying just as New York rapper, the One and Only, Toots SWEET sings in his patriotic gathering song “As One”.  Toots Sweet was at CPAC to help with inspirational rants and raps, His patriotic music and Toots Tweets are another fabulous CPC Icon!

The enchanting Victoria Jackson from the PolitiChicks, another CPC group provides insightful information, entertainment and commentary videos on the internet.  The PolitiChicks also broadcasted from CPAC, interviewing various personalities attending.  Leave it to Victoria Jackson to find the only Lesbian Liberal at CPAC, see the video, link above.
Remembering ten or so years ago Bloggers were unknowns, nothing but obscure postings on the internet.  At CPAC 2012 Bloggers were provided space to setup a media center; bloggers had access to all events open to CPAC attendees.  I was speaking with a political consultant who informed me that Newspapers were downsizing reporter jobs because the bloggers are filling the void!  Bloggers are at each of the State Capitols and in many cases will be the only news source in the future.  How these times are-a-changing!

CPAC 2012 gave me the chance to speak with many young College Students; many have their eyes wide open with the current state of the World’s Economy.  One button I saw on a college student, “I follow a Jewish Carpenter and Austrian Economist” (Jesus Christ & Ludwig Von Mises Economist 1881-1973).  To me for a young 20 something to be wearing such a button, well it just helps brighten the future of our Country.  The button is just another sign of the Conservative Pop Culture emerging today!

This being Ms Goldman’s first CPAC I asked of her overall impression of CPAC and our new CPC.  She replied,

“The “new media” was there to capture the excitement and the re-energizing of conservatives. That is something that the MSM does NOT want to report on. We were there to spread light on what the establishment and MSM wants to keep in the dark. The “new media” is breaking the “status quo” that your big news outlets and the GOP wants to keep in place.

We were there to share the REAL message of conservatism and to network with like minded individuals and discuss how we could work together while maintaining the individuality that makes us each unique.”

Many things have changed at CPAC but some things will never change!

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