Action Alert! Gun Rights Victory in Virginia Within Our Grasp

Posted by Dennis Gill   // February 7, 2012   // Comments Off


In the struggle  to make Virginia the friendliest state to the Second Amendment, a major victory is within our grasp.  The bill to repeal the unconstitutional gun rationing law has made it out of the Virginia Senate with a vote of 21 to 19.  This victory would not have been possible if we had not been successful in turning the senate.

The bill has already passed the house meaning that the last step in the process to give Virginian’s back their God given right to decide how many guns they want to purchase is for Governor McDonnell to sign it making it the law in Virginia.  While the Governor has expressed his support for the bill, he  did vote for the original bill which established the one gun a month law.  Reminding the Governor of this little fact wouldn’t hurt.

Call Governor McDonnell at (804) 786-2211. Demand that he sign the repeal of the one-gun-a-month law  (HB-940 or SB-323) as soon as it hits his desk!

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