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Obama Marxism

I, like most of you out there have been following the race for the GOP nomination very intently.  What I see and hear from the candidates is very encouraging but what I hear from the pundents and from some in the party is discouraging at best.

It seems that some are never happy, ever, with any of the candidates on the Republican side of the isle.  The Democrats nominate somebody who had zero experience and then elected him as president solely because he looked different from any other U.S. President.  The Republicans have a field of very qualified candidates, all of which, no matter how moderate you think they are, are Thomas Jefferson compared to who currently occupies the Oval Office.

I have watched the debates, to include the one this past Saturday and I like what I here coming out of the mouths of all of them.  I understand that not all of them are as conservative as some of you would like.  Not all of them would cut enough spending or reduce taxes enough to satisfy everybody.  Some of them differ greatly in how they would handle foreign policy or the issue of gay marriage and abortion.  But without a doubt, none of them would be as bad as Barak Obama who I believe is anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anti-white and possibly the anti-Christ.  Okay, I’m kidding about that last one but you get the point.

I understand how critically important this next election is and I agree with Michele Bachmann when she says that this might be the last election cycle we have to get it right.    Because of that, we are going the extra mile to make sure we nominate the right guy.  That is obvious when you look at the number of candidates who have poled out in front only to be knocked off the mountain a week later.  The electorate is skittish and I understand that but we on the right have got to stop eating our own and start coming to together for a common purpose.

None of the candidates are perfect for sure but none of them are Barak Obama either.  They are all what I would call the Anti-Obama Candidate.  We aren’t going to get Ronald Reagan out of this field of Republican’s but we are moving in the right direction for sure and the future looks extremely bright for our party. Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal are the future of the party and the future of the country.  The future I said if there is a future, and that depends on what happens in November.

Before the train can turn around, it must first slow down and be stopped by applying the brakes.  For 2 years the left had absolute control of Washington and the train was at full throttle.  In 2010 the brakes were applied and the train which was heading for Tyrannyville has been slowed down.  Our job in 2012 is to get the train stopped by electing a President who believes in America as it was founded and by electing a Senate who will keep him honest.  I believe that any of the current GOP candidates would be closer to the vision our founders had of this country then Obama and for that reason I am comfortable supporting any of them.  You should be too.

Lets not forget who the enemy is in all of this.  The enemy isn’t Ron Paul or Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or Rich Perry or even John Huntsman, the enemy is Barak Obama and the Democrat party.  They must be defeated in November and beyond and to do that we must all be united.



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