Senators Webb and Warner Must Uphold the Constitution or Resign Now

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Webb, Warner, Reid and Obama
The Four Horsemen of the Constitutional Apocalypse.

The President has defied the Constitution and Senators Webb and Warner are condoning the power grab that President Obama has perpetrated.

Apparently they are okay with the President ignoring the Constitution as long as it suits the Democrat agenda.  It has long been obvious that the two Senators from Virginia do not represent the State of Virginia and her people, but the interests of the Democrat Party; this is just further evidence of that.

President Obama has violated the Constitution of the United States; the Will and Authority of the People mind you. He has made appointments of officials that by law must be confirmed by the Senate, without the consent of the Senate, because it suits his political agenda. If a Republican President had done such a thing, it would be a Constitutional crisis, but apparently it is okay with Senators Webb and Warner if a Democrat does it.

Democrats including Senator Obama devised the proforma session in the Senate to block appointments by then President George W. Bush. Senate Democrats used this tactic repeatedly and President Bush respected the authority of the Senate to implement their own rules. Because of this he was unable to make many of the appointments that he wanted, but now that it is being used to block Obama appointments Democrats are applauding this usurpation of Senate power by Obama.

A letter to the Editor of the Fauquier Times Democrat by James Lee of Ashburn revealed the arrogance of our two Senators, and their open distain for the Constitution of our United States. Mr. Lee related the experience he had when he called Senator Webb’s office, where a staffer told him that the Senate was not in session, and would not return until January 24th; a bald faced lie. Mr. Lee asked to speak with Senator Webb’s Chief of Staff, and was told the CoS could not take his call.

This is consistent with experiences I have had with Senator Webb’s office in the past; specifically when the Health Care debate was raging. I called to find out when and where Senator Webb was going to have town hall meetings and was lied to. I was told the schedule would be posted on his web site, but in fact the staff knew all along the Senator and his wife were headed for Vietnam and the Far East on a taxpayer funded vacation instead of meeting with his constituents during this critical time.

Mr. Lee also called Senator Warner’s office where he was told by the Senator’s staff that the Senator was aware that the Senate is in session, but that he supported the President’s move to circumvent the Constitution and make the appointments.

This clearly indicates that our two Senators are aware that the President is destroying our Constitution, and they are not interested in doing anything to stop him.


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