McCain is the Reason Romney Scares Conservatives.

Posted by sgtcajones   // January 11, 2012   // Comments Off

John McCain was on the Sean Hannity show yesterday afternoon and he made a couple of statements that I think illustrates why Conservatives are not comfortable with Mitt Romney.

Hannity asked McCain, Romney’s newest BFF why he did not go after Barack Obama about his radical associations, his failure to provide his college transcripts, and a number of other issues during the 2008 campaign.

McCain’s response was that he thought those things were being covered sufficiently by others.

News flash Senator; no one outside of conservative talk media was asking those questions, and to this day we know nothing about the man. Wouldn’t it have been nice if we had put forth a candidate who would have asked these obvious questions, went after the opposition, and demanded that the media do its job?

McCain further offered that he was not as concerned about the direction of the country after Obama was elected as he is today. Another revelation! If you had listened to the Obama critics on the right, it would have been obvious where we were headed with Obama at the helm. You just wanted to be nice; to stay above the fray. Well thanks a lot Senator!

Conservatives today fear the same thing from Romney. He talks a good line while he is running the primary race and trying to garner conservative votes so he can become the nominee, but what will he actually do in the general election? Will he decide to be Mr. Nice Guy and take the advice of his BFF McCain, or will he go all out to attack Obama on his record?

If he follows Republican Establishment advice, (Do we have any reason to believe he won’t? He is the favored candidate of the establishment.), he will run more to the center, or even to the left a bit so he doesn’t “Scare the Independents and Moderates”.

That is what Conservatives do not want; we are tired of Squishy Moderate Republican candidates like Dole, McCain, and now Romney. We need a true Conservative, not only to defeat Obama, but to lead us back to the America of our founders.

Whomever we put forth as a nominee must run as a Conservative and run on Conservative Principles or we will lose to Obama once again. We must have as Reagan said, “Bold Colors”; there must be a distinct choice not another Democrat lite like McCain.


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