Tim Donner: Debate? Not Even Close!

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Given that George Allen was representing my party, I had hoped he would truly take the fight to Tim Kaine and win yesterday’s debate in Richmond.

But not only did Kaine completely outpoint Mr. Allen, he managed to take the major issue of 2012 – the issue that should be at the forefront of every Republican campaign – right off the table. And that issue is $pending.

In consistently hammering Allen on his record of profligate spending during his six years in the US Senate, Kaine sounded like a tea partier in pointing out Allen’s votes in favor of the Medicare prescription drug program and other massive federal programs, along with raising the debt ceiling four times to the tune of $3.1 trillion. Kaine repeatedly stuck Allen with the label of a politician who says one thing and does another. Allen’s attempts to defend his record seemed weak and half-hearted.

If the Democrat in this race can position himself to the right of George Allen on the issue of runaway spending and the size and scope of government, what hope is there of a conservative winning this US Senate seat?

Allen was also entirely unable to counter Kaine on another central issue of this campaign – Obamacare. Allen said little or nothing about the unconstitutional individual mandate, the massive costs for future generations nor the crippling additional burdens on the health care industry

Allen showed an inability to even explain contraception, nor the basis for his pro-life stance nor his investment in Barr Laboratories, manufacturer of the morning-after pill.

Kaine did not waver from his defense of virtually every Obama policy (and why should we be surprised, given his early endorsement of the president and position as DNC Chair), yet in a state that voted 61% Republican on November 8, Allen failed to effectively position Kaine as a true leftist.

Kaine was sharp, comfortable and confident, while Allen, in my view, looked stiff and rehearsed, and lacked any semblance of passion.

We must put forward a candidate who can advocate for conservative principles with intelligence, skill and passion before it’s too late. Otherwise, we will wind up with Senator Tim Kaine, and perhaps another four years of President Obama.

Act now! Let [people] know there is a candidate out there who will stop the insanity and bring conservative principles back to government. We need your help NOW to reverse the damage done by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and, if you don’t act now, Senator Tim Kaine.

Yours in Liberty,

Tim Donner

Kurt Feigel

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