The Not so Good, The Bad and the Worst

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Not So Good

Today, December 7th 2011 marks the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  So, if you are among the privileged who get to send their children to private school like the Obama’s do, your kids would be fortunate enough to be enjoying Asian food for lunch today.  It seems that it’s not just public school administrators who are ignorant of history.

Yes, at the elite Sidwell Friends School on Pearl Harbor Day, Obama’s children can choose from several different entries like Teriyaki Chicken, Asian Mushroom Soup or Oriental Noodle Salad.  All Michelle Obama approved healthy foods I’m sure.  What happened to chicken nuggets and tater tots?  I guess those eats are for those children of the 99 percent who’s kids must attend low rent public schools.  Gee, that doesn’t seem “fair” does it.

The Bad

A school in England is doing its part to save the planet.  It seems that Rob Benzie, who is the Head at a school in Ansford, England believes that having his students risk hypothermia is a small price to pay to save us all from the ravages of global warming.  As temperatures outside dropped to 34 F, Mr. Benzie turned off the heat at the school giving the students and teachers an opportunity to live as a polar bear for a day.

Some of the staff and parents called it “barbaric” with one teacher going so far as to describe the whole thing as “beyond stupid.”  But it didn’t discourage Mr. Benzie, even as some kids found it difficult to hold a pen while wearing gloves.  He lauded the plan as a “success” and called for it to be a “regular event.”  Before you chastise Mr. Benzie, you should know that the idea wasn’t his.  Seems he got the idea from the student eco-group.  Why does that not surprise me?

The Worst

I’ll bet you didn’t know that your tax dollars have purchased over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of “Male Vacuum Erection Systems.”  That would be a penis pump for those of you educated in the public school system.  If you attended the Sidwell Friends School, no explanation was necessary.

According to your government, if a senior on Medicare has difficulties getting it up, he becomes eligible for a plethora of treatment options paid for by “We the People”, Male Vacuum Erection Systems included.  With Medicare expected to have an unfunded liability to the tune of $36.8 trillion dollars, I suppose we are just going to have to borrow more from China so that our seniors can continue to enjoy their erect penis’ and the joy that comes with it.


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