Guest Column: George Allen Is No Conservative, Jamie Radtke Is

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Bob Shannon, Founder of the King William and Mechanicsville Tea Parties, submitted the following guest column.


Many within the TEA Party movement read with disbelief the rather misleading Press Release sent out 11/22 by the Allen campaign. As the old adage goes let’s “set the record straight.”

The TEA Party movement is and has been divided into two separate and distinct groups. I know because I’ve been involved since the beginning and have helped foster the reformers within the movement.

One group is blindly loyal to the Republican Party establishment, immediately backing the favored Son, absent any critical analysis of the record or positions the candidate has taken in the past. A recent example of this group has been their silence after last fall’s dismal track record of 100 billion in FY ‘11 spending cuts promised, which we all watched diminish, suspiciously right after the election to 60 billion, then 31 billion, then to nothing. So much for how these folks define “Conservative.” Giving the majority back to a group just to have an “R” next to their names is absent a recognition of how dire matters in our Country have become.

Let’s not confuse that group as representative of real Patriots. They are Republican Party lap dogs who will jump when told, or perhaps have an almost childlike quality rendering them to confuse winning with resolution.

The other group within the TEA Party movement are reformers. We see the Republican Party establishment as an impediment to real progress. Anyone watching the party establishment’s failure to remotely adhere to conservative principles the last twenty years clearly can distinguish between the real McCoy and a false prophet. A conservative message will sell, but only if delivered with authenticity. A politician with George Allen’s track record can not sell that message for one reason and one reason only: he doesn’t believe it himself. He is not authentic. A cursory examination of his record in the U.S. Senate tells the truth even as he now lays claim to this so called “TEA Party support.” He is anything but a Conservative.

Among the remaining challengers one stands out head & shoulders above the rest, one that has been at the forefront of the TEA Party movement since it’s inception, one that has consistently remained adherent to Conservative principles, one that has distinguished herself from the staid and tired old message of “give me another chance” crowd. That one is Jamie Radtke.

Those of you who confuse winning without principle, as opposed to those who recognize winning with principle, ask yourself one question and answer it as honestly as one can. Can we afford to send back to the U.S. Senate a former Senator who reigned over the most destructive expansions of U.S. debt in modern history? He was there and went along with some of the most outlandish spending increases that ever occurred under a Republican administration.

It is estimated that some 55,000 call themselves supporters or members of the TEA Party across Virginia. I’ve no doubt George Allen’s campaign can find 100 to publicly support his return to the U.S Senate. These supporters can remain as part of the blind loyal group continuing to cling to the false notion that winning for the sake of winning is enough. Having an “R” next to a legislator’s name will no longer suffice for those of us in the TEA Party movement with our eyes wide open.

Too much is at stake, math is math, it knows no politics. We are on the same path as Greece, absent some bold and courageous new leadership in Washington. George Allen doesn’t represent anything bold or courageous, Jamie Radtke does.


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