Virginia Voter Turnout Down

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According to preliminary data supplied by the Virginia Board of Elections, voter turnout this past Tuesday was down slightly from previous years elections. The averages in the Senate and House races are 28.19 percent and 26.13 percent respectively. Data compiled from the 2003 and 2007 indicate that turnout was 30.8 and 30.2 on average. If past elections are an indication, the numbers will show a slight uptick once provisional and absentee ballots are counted.

While I will conceded that this is an off year election and many of the races where uncontested which drives down turnout, we as Virginians are going to have to do better then barely a quarter of the registered voters turning out to to have their voices be heard. As I told my six year old son as we left the polling place, voting is not only a right that we as a free people enjoy but it’s our duty as a free people to exercise it. And like 3 /4 of Virginians, my son didn’t quite grasp that concept.  His excuse though is that he is only 6.

 In 2012, Virginia will be a battle ground state as the Democrats will desperately try and hold onto the senate seat being vacated by the alleged moderate Jim Webb and the White House. Our Dear Leader won Virginia in 2008 by 6 points. Since that election, the GOP has increased its majority in the House, elected a conservative governor and the finest Attorney General in the country and now we have taken back the Virginia Senate. This trend has to continue next November.

Virginian have always been at the forefront in the fight to defeat tyranny and promote the concept of a free and independent people. We again will be called on to lead the way from tyranny to liberty and we must for the good of the country and of the world succeed in getting back to the principles of constitutional governance, limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty based on personal responsibility and free and fair markets.

 Allow your voice to be heard on these issues. Vote and stand on the side of liberty.


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