Goodbye Goodlatte

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After 10 largely unchallenged terms in congress Bob Goodlatte’s ability to compromise in DC without consequence back home must be the envy of every sly politician scheming to escape the annoying restraints of accountability a purifying election race might provide. But while an unattended house makes a bold thief, overconfidence often leads to carelessness and leaves tracks that clearly expose the guilty. Consider the trail Goodlatte has left while trying to hide his crimes by playing the part of an innocent and indignant bystander outraged by the injustice of what’s going on:

While in DC Goodlatte has voted to raise the debt ceiling at least seven times– approving the accumulation of an additional 6.5 TRILLION dollars to the national debt, back home he repeats sound-bytes about ‘reigning in out-of-control federal spending.’ And because he says it we’re supposed to believe he’s a fiscal conservative?

In DC Goodlatte supported and voted into law the largest expansion of socialized medicine since the 1960s- adding some 16 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities to our budget during a time of already historically record-breaking deficits. But back home he rails on the costs and evils of ObamaCare. And because he says it we’re supposed to believe he’s against socialized medicine?

In DC Goodlatte is part of the driving force behind a bill giving the federal government totalitarian control of the internet including Chinese-style censorship, blacklists, and fines if you get caught with ‘un-approved’ material on your facebook page. But back home he pays lip-service to the first amendment right to freedom of speech. And because he says it we’re supposed to believe he is advocate for the first amendment?

In DC Goodlate supported and voted in the largest unconstitutional, job-killing, business nightmare regulation bill since the New-Deal, while back home he went about condemning unconstitutional and job-killing regulations. And because he says it we’re supposed to believe he’s against job-killing regulation?

In DC Goodlatte continues to vote to destroy the Bill of Rights, turning every American citizen into a terrorist suspect, greatly curbing our liberties and right to privacy. While back home he was heaping up hollow words about liberty and following the constitution. And because he says it we’re supposed to believe he wants to defend our liberties?

In DC Goodlatte voted for the largest expansion of the federal government in some 50 years– forming a new Nazi-BrownShirt style domestic surveillance agency of some 200,000 federal employees to maintain the police state the Patriot Act created. All the while back home he was touting small, constitutionally limited government rhetoric. And because he says it we’re supposed to believe he’s a small government conservative?

While following the Constitution would leave the control of education to the states (with conservatives historically advocating this position)- in DC Goodlatte blew off the Constitution to support and vote for the absurd “No Child Left Behind” program that cemented DC’s control over our schools, costing us billions of dollars, and destroying our education system. If you don’t believe it just ask a teacher. Meanwhile back home he brags about reading the constitution to congress. And because of this we’re supposed to believe he’s a constitutional conservative?

The only thing Goodlatte has proved to us with all his hypocritical rhetoric is that he assumes 6th district conservatives are stupid enough to vote him in no matter what he does in DC, and that all he has to do to keep us duped is occasionally drop words like “constitution” or “cut spending” etc and we’ll all ooh and aah and rally behind him like gullible suckers following a con-man. And up until now he’s gotten away with it quite handily.


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Goodbye Goodlatte,

Kaleb Matson

Lynchburg Virginia

Red State Virginia

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