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             American Patriots gathered on April 15th 2009 to attend the newly created Jefferson Area Tea Party, and their Tax Protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.  I listened to many fine speeches including one from the late, Lawrence Eagleburger, the former Secretary of State.  I was glad to find so many Patriots come out during a work day, to support and share in the “Cause”.  One Patriot, Lisa Mei Norton provided a song, “A Revolution’s Brewing” she had written it with her music buddy Drew aka Big Dawg.  The song was very well received by the large crowd.  When I went home that day I found Lisa Mei on Facebook and became a friend of hers.  Senior Master Sergeant (Ret) Lisa Mei Norton had more original songs online; many had a Patriots message.  Then in August 2010 Lisa Mei Norton and her music partner Drew announced the creation of Big Dawg Music Mafia website.

Don’t be worried about the name, it was chosen to attract our Nation’s youth!  It is the Youth that will lead us one day and the new website will give them a culture to relate to, a Patriotic Culture; a good American Culture!

Big Dawg and Lisa Mei wanted to provide a virtual home for conservative, grassroots artists; a place for conservative musicians to meet, collaborate ideas and to have a place for Conservative Artists to share their passion of music.  Quickly it became apparent that other arts not just music, shared the same frustrations.  The website expanded to include photographers, poets, painters, bloggers, writers, videographers, and humorists, all of the Arts which help define culture.

Some members have revealed they had suppressed their passion for the Arts because of past events dealing with the liberal media culture.  Some thought, they themselves were strange or weird.  Now with Big Dawg Music Mafia, Conservative Warriors can spread their wings like butterflies and reveal a beautiful song, cartoon, or painting with the support from other artists.

With no traditional advertising, Big Dawg Music Mafia has over 700 members now; it’s inspiring to see the growth as a Social Networking site.  Members are called Culture Warriors and I know many including myself take the term as a badge of honor.  Members have shared and worked together to create songs, graphics, videos, each Culture Warrior brings new ideas, new vision, new activities.  The talent among the many members would truly astonish even the likes of Simon Cowell in my opinion.

With so many talented Culture Warriors, the music videos and new songs continuing to grace the Big Dawg Music Media website we needed to reach out and share this talent!


Big Dawg’s Music Hour on Liberty Bell Radio Saturday’s 10-11am ET & Sunday’s 11am to Noon.  A featured Artist is interviewed with interesting stories about their song or background.  A new twist with internet radio is having an interactive chat room during the show.  The hosts, guest artist, and listeners can all chat while listening to songs and artist interviews.  It’s a fun quick hour!


Culture Warriors & The Fan Jam on FTR Radio on Fridays at 10PM and Liberty Bell Radio on Saturdays at 6PM and Sundays at 8PM (all Eastern Time).  Members and listeners can send their favorite 10 songs each week, then listen in to see which songs make the top 10!  Interactive chat is also included with lively conversations. 

The future of Big Dawg Music Mafia is bright, more ideas are on the table and soon more events and shows will be available.  Good news maybe in the future!  New members are always welcomed, membership is free, and a few fans have started to join also.   “THE Home for “Conservative Arts” Where Culture Warriors Unite & Collaborate: Music Photography Poetry Drawings Books Blogs Film Rants & More”.  Check it out but fair warning, some songs may require a tissue!  Occupiers need not apply.

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