Roscoe Reynolds – Wasteful Spending

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // October 18, 2011   // Comments Off

From Danville Tea Party:

I pulled this clip from the “funny videos” category. I watched it several times and the only humor I see is Reynolds’ Campaign paid for it! That’s funny!

To invest the money necessary to produce 30 seconds of fact less video is, well, much like your money is spent in Richmond. You don’t know where it goes, you don’t know what you get and worse, you are mislead the entire time. Roscoe Reynolds’ record is something to run from, but this little clip isn’t enough to hide behind.

I have to believe, with the choice of casting the individual in the close of the clip, you know, the one that said “You ain’t from aroun’ here are you boy”, Reynolds discloses his opinion of 20th District Constituency. If I’m wrong about that assessment, then I feel obligated to provide a second opinion. That being, the only individuals to put stock in this video content, are those that would actually have the approximate IQ as being portrayed by the inquisitive back woods actor.

People are getting wise to the seriousness and degree of importance in elected officials doing their job. That is, Work For the People. This juvenile approach to informing the mass is representative of much that is wrong. Cartoon media, keep kicking it out and you go next. The people have had enough of this. Business is business and should be carried out as such. It should be done with respect to those footing the bill, We The People.

Darriel Burnett
Chairman, Danville TEA Party

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