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Esteban Garces - Community Organizer

So another community organizer wants to be elected to public office.  This time it is in the district I live in in Virginia.  Leftist Democrat Esteban Garces is running against Republican Mark Dudenhefer in the 2nd House District.

Mr. Garces states in an interview with Latino VA that, “first and foremost, I am community organizer.  I see social injustices and work with affected communities to try and right those.”  He goes on to say that being elected to the Virginia House of Delegates “is a chance to organize for justice from a state seat and impact communities statewide that endure injustice on a daily basis.”  He further describes himself as a “blue to the bone” progressive. 

Aren’t I lucky to live in a district where I have the opportunity to elect a community organizer such as Mr. Garces who will work tirelessly to right the social injustices that are apparently at epidemic levels in Virginia in 2011.  If he plays his cards right, Mr. Garces might be lucky enough to be the first community organizer elected President of the United States.  Check that, we already have one of those in the White House.  He hasn’t worked out so well though so maybe the second time around will be a charm.  

When I hear this kind of talk coming from the radical left, what it means is that I will be the one to lose some of my liberties so the supposed oppressed can be bought off by being given more free stuff in exchange for their vote.  So far that’s been the plan coming from Washington and I’ll be dammed if I’m going to vote to have that happen out of Richmond.  But I’m sure that Mr. Garces is well qualified to go to Richmond to legislate on behalf of myself and the other residents of  Virginia’s 2nd House District.

So what are Esteban Garces’ qualifications?  He is employed for a non-profit organization in Arlington named Virginia New Majority.  This means he is not capable of getting a real job.  According to their blog, Virginia New Majority organizes and brings together immigrants, African-Americans, women, youth and working class Virginians to build a progressive movement in Virginia.  And of course, they are all giddy about winning social justice for all the people of the Commonwealth. 

What this not for profit organization supports with the help of Esteban Garces is amnesty for those who are illegally in Virginia.  They are against the local 287g program which gives local law enforcement the ability to check the immigration status of those suspected of a crime and place a detainer on them when appropriate.  Virginia New Majority has categorized these efforts by local law enforcement as “attacks on immigrant communities.”  They support the federally run healthcare debacle known as Obamacare calling Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s challenge of the law “flimsy.”   They call themselves a non-partisan group, however I have not yet found a Republican candidate that they have endorsed. 

This all sounds to me to be a far left progressive agenda that Esteban Garces hopes to bring to Richmond and inflict on the entire state of  Virginia.  This is much like the current community-organizer-in-chief that has imposed the same far left progressive agenda from sea to shining sea.  And we all know how wonderful that has worked out for the country.  

Mr. Esteban believes in a brand of politics and progressive thinking that has failed over and over and over again and that is responsible in large part for the mess our Nation finds itself in.  Virginia, although not perfect has not gone down the same road that states like Michigan and California have, both run by leftist.  These states can’t balance a budget, can’t create jobs and can’t maintain the high standard of living that their citizens once enjoyed.  Instead of being progressive, they have become regressive and many lives have been destroyed because of it.  

We as Virginian’s are not interested in becoming like those states and we aren’t interested Mr. Esteban in electing you to go to Richmond to destroy our state.  Your brand of politics has been tried and it has failed miserably and it would be insane for Virginians to elect you to anything more than county dog catcher.  I hear the pitbulls are in need of some social justice.


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