Ramadan: Registration Was Valid

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Republicans are the only animal that will eat their young. Sometimes it’s because the eaters are wearing Tin Foil hats. Such as Joanne Chase the candidate that lost to David Ramadan. You don’t see Democrats doing this. The most Lecherous snake on the left will be defended to the death. Yet here we have a perfect example of an honest guy who is a conservative and every tin foil hat lunatic is out en mass trying to defame and besmirch him. Well nice try. He is still in the race. Morons.

This whole pile of nonsense was one last attempt by Chase and her cronies to prevent David Ramadan’s candidacy. I’m glad that we still have justice here in America. For now. I bet that moon bats are saying to themselves “not for long. Once that sleeper agent for Hamas gets in there he will institute Sharia Law”. And I guess we never landed on the moon either!

Read the 8 page Judge Horne’s Opinion Letter

David Ramadan released the following statement after today’s ruling on his voter registration, and the court concluded that his registration was valid.

“This litigation was merely an effort to use the courts to undermine the will of the voters in this district. I appreciate all of the support I have received in my campaign and I am glad that this has concluded. While these exploitative trial lawyer tactics are usually employed by the radical left, I am grateful that justice and fairness prevailed.

I have never stopped campaigning, with this matter resolved I can return to the campaign trail and the issues that matter most to the people of the 87th District like transportation and economic development.”

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