David Ramadan: Remembering 9/11

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Honoring the heroes of September 11

Ten years ago I watched in horror as our country came under attack by coward terrorists. Over 2,800 fellow Americans died. The act of the 19 criminals who attacked us on September 11th is a crime against all humanity.

We can never let that day fade from the American consciousness. We need to always remember that the world is full of people who seek to destroy our life, our liberty – and our happiness.

We can never forget those brave souls, our first-responders, who set aside their own fears, charged into the building towers and the burning Pentagon to save countless lives…and lost their own.

We can never forget our brave men and women on the front lines on the War on Terror – fighting and dying so we never endure another American tragedy.

Virginia is the home that my family and I chose to pursue the American Dream of liberty, freedom and prosperity. We have been blessed. Freedom doesn’t come free, and as Americans we remember the victims of September 11 and vow never to forget.

David Ramadan

Kurt Feigel

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