Stop with the Compromising!

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Senator Marco Rubio on the floor of the Senate the other day said the following:

“The debate is between those who believe the government’s job is to promote ‘economic justice, and those who believe the government’s job is to promote ‘economic opportunity’.  ‘They are two very different visions of the role of government in America. But it lies at the heart of the debate that we’re having as a nation.”

Senator Rubio gets it, although he seems to be in the minority on that.  It could not be more black and white or cut and dry as that.  We on the right have a vision for the role of government in America, a vision for how to grow the economy and a vision that puts individual liberty at the forefront of legislative decision making.  The lefts vision for America is the polar opposite.  They believe in big, nanny state, cradle to grave government where the needs of the collective trump individual liberty.  So, the question must be asked, how is it that compromise between these two competing visions is possible?  The short answer is that it isn’t.  At least not compromise that we can live with.

If you fall on the side of individual liberty first, then to compromise with somebody who doesn’t believe that means you must sacrifice some of your liberties.  It’s like saying, well, I have 10 toes and I am happy with all 10 but to make you happy, I’ll cut off 3 of them.  Not going to work out too well is it?  That is exactly what the Republicans did when they compromised our principles by agreeing to this debt deal debacle that has just led the S&P to downgrade the United States from it’s AAA rating to a AA+ and contributed to the sell off we saw on Wall Street.

Why on Earth would you compromise with Marxist?  The Republicans  made a deal with the very people who have done everything they can to steal our liberty, steal our money and enslave our children by making them responsible for paying off the trillion in unfunded liabilities.  Responsible for something that wasn’t their fault.

Oh, but Dennis, if we didn’t make the deal the market’s would crash, our credit rating would be downgraded and the country would default on it’s debt.  Well geniuses, 2 out of the 3 happened despite the fact that you made the deal and the 3rd is not far off.  Remember when they told us that if TARP wasn’t passed, the country would fall into a recession?  Yeah, how did that work out for us?  Remember when they said that if we didn’t pass the stimulus, the unemployment rate would go above 8 percent?  Good thing that didn’t happen.  Not to worry though, our dear leader has promised to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs.  What could go wrong?

Hey, GOP, the era of compromising with the left is over.  It NEVER works out to the benefit of the country and you still get blamed for all the bad stuff that happens.  Might as well stick to your guns and just accept the fact that the media is nothing more then an arm of the DNC.

If this past week didn’t send the message that when you dance with the devil, you get burned, then I’m afraid the GOP leadership is in for one heck of a wake up call come November 2012.




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