Shake Hands and Unite

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The primaries are over here in Virginia and the Republican nominations for various offices around the state have been decided.  Many of the races were hotly contested like the race for state senate in the 36th district between Tito “The Builder” Munoz and Jeff Frederick.  Jeff was able to secure the nomination and now it is time for us all to shake hands and get to the business of getting him elected, thus putting incumbent Toddy Puller on the unemployment line.  (She can hang out with all those who our dear leader has done the same thing too.)

Often times we get so caught up in politics that we on the right forget that although we don’t always agree, our goals are the same from this point on through the elections.  We are on the same team and the time for debate amongst ourselves is finished.

During the primary process, we duke it out as we try and help our candidate get the parties nomination.  Each of us has our his or her own set of ideas about how things ought to done, the best way to solve the problems that face us as Virginians, and who will best represent us in Richmond, our county or our city.  It’s safe to say that 50 percent of us will be dissapointed with the nominee.  Our candidate might have been best suited to take on the Democrats nominee but regardless of whether or not your guy won, the defeat of the Democrat is all that matters now.

Our goal now is to elect as many right thinkers, aka anti-democrat as we can to public office.  Once there, we hold their feet to the fire and if they don’t perform to our satisfaction, we learn our lesson and pick another nominee next time around.  What we cannot do is continue to act like it is still primary season by engaging in name calling or bitter infighting within the party.  It serves only to ensure that our candidate gets beat up from both the right and the left thus ensuring defeat.

Together we can and we will in November!  Freedom depends on it.


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