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After a long few months it’s good to finally see these primary races over. They carry with them the potential to create strong rifts within conservatism. As most of you are aware conservatism unlike liberalism can not be defined by just one ideal.

Example: What is pro life? If someone that says “I’m pro-life with the exception of…”?  is that or is that not pro-life…personally I think it’s not…but on that issue I’m very hard line…and that is just one issue and a divisive one at that.

We have one certain Tea Party victory in this race. This despite the smear attempts of Trolls like Shaun Kenney of Bearing Drift and Richard Crouse (Former RPV and current George Allen staffer). Tom Garrett, the Tea Party favorite of the Lynchburg Tea Party, Ken Cuccinelli, The NRA, VCDL, and other Tea Party leaders across the 22nd district.

Now that this race is over will the establishment work with us? I hope so. We’ve seen a lot of lip service paid to the “you must support the Republican candidate” mantra lately. When they loose many of them pick up their toys and go home. The same can be said about us in the Tea Party. If we want to effect change in Richmond, and push back against Federal over-reach then we need to FLIP THE SENATE! and that may mean voting for guys we are not excited about.  Should we vote for a RINO? No. But that label gets a little too loosely thrown about lately. I’m not saying we should vote for the lesser of 2 evils either. But going Galt is not where most of us are at yet.

Another interesting race was the Ramadan vs Chase House of Delegate contest. If you want to learn how to sling mud then contact Jo-Ann Chase…or maybe contact her campaign manager…he will be looking for a job now. This race was one of the most absurd I think I’ve ever seen. DON’T YOU KNOW HE’S A MUSLIM AND IS A SLEEPER AGENT FOR HAMAS? Crazy I know! Congratulations to Mr David Ramadan!

In the 36th Senate District Jeff Frederick beat out Tito Munoz. I don’t think you can quite say this is a Tea Party victory but neither can you say this is a victory of the establishment. They hate Jeff Frederick and stabbed him in the back a few years ago.  I’ve known and followed Jeff Frederick over the last 3 years, he is a conservative and I look forward to working to send him to Richmond.

Congratulations to all the Conservative Republicans that we will all…I hope…be working to send to Richmond!

Now to the winners. If you’d like to see all the numbers you may click the link below.

Info Pulled from the VA State Board of Elections

Virginia Senate Primary Races

Senate District


3 Thomas K. Norment, Jr.
13 Richard H. “Dick” Black
21 David A. “Dave” Nutter
22 Thomas A. “Tom” Garrett, Jr.
36 Jeffrey M. Frederick
37 Jason A. Flanary
39 M. Miller Baker

House Primary Races

House District


10 J. Randall “Randy” Minchew
18 Michael J. Webert
87 David I. Ramadan
98 M. Keith Hodges
99 Margaret Bevans Ransone
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  1. By W, August 24, 2011

    I truly hope we can all unite around the nominees and work hard to get them elected. Especially in the 22nd district. With 5 nominees there is bound to be some bad blood. But we have to put that aside so the likes of Bert Dodson isn’t elected.

    • Kurt Feigel By Kurt Feigel, August 24, 2011

      I think it is possible. Most candidates ran a positive campaign.

      • Kurt Feigel By Kurt Feigel, August 24, 2011

        correction: ALL the candidates ran a positive campaign. Some of their supporters (Shaun Kenney, and others) didn’t.

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