In the aftermath of the Hurriquake and the Red (State) Storm.

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Last week was an interesting seven days; earthquake one day, followed a few days later by Irene, and in the midst of it all a political storm fueled by false allegations from Red State’s Erick Erickson over a speech Jamie Radtke made a couple of weeks prior.

The earthquake lasted seconds and caused a relatively small amount of damage; Irene lasted a couple of days and reportedly caused millions if not a billion dollars in damage up and down the coast, and the effects of the Red State posts are still being felt by the Radtke campaign which now finds itself in a situation similar to the man who is asked the old question “So, when DID you stop beating your wife?

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I want to relate my experience with Jamie Radtke, just for the record.  These are my humble observations, and you can take them or leave them as you see fit.

I have met and spoken with Jamie Radtke on two occasions, the first time on Independence Day weekend at “An American Event” in Bealeton, Virginia. She was there with her family walking the grounds to meet and speak with as many folks as she could to let them know that she is a candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia, and why she is running. 

My wife and I were there with some friends and we were impressed with what she had to say; the friends so much so, that they arranged a house party meet-and-greet that ended up as an event at a restaurant in Gainesville on 20 August. We attended, and again were able to talk to her and to hear her speak about why she is running, and what she hopes to accomplish when she is elected to the Senate.

Her speech resonated with the attendees, as well as a few people that heard her speaking and came in from the other parts of the restaurant to listen to her. Most picked up literature and signed her contact sheet; it was obvious they were impressed as well.

We came away knowing that we had found the Senatorial candidate that we had been looking for. Radtke is the conservative alternative to former Senator George Allen, the establishment Republican candidate, and we became (almost) overnight supporters; I did have some more homework to do, but I am convinced I have made the right choice.

I have since encouraged the Radtke campaign (even before the RS brouhaha) to make a new video of Jamie speaking in front of a group, because although she is not your average polished politician, it is obvious that her words and passion speaks to the sensibilities of average folks who are looking for a conservative alternative to those same old establishment types like George Allen.

I believe that Jamie Radtke and those like her represent the future of politics in America, where real citizens not polished professionals like Allen are elected to represent us in Washington, just like our Founders intended.

Just my two cents…


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