GOP Establishment Fails Us Again

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Any residual hope that the GOP Establishment leadership understood the nature of the shellacking of the mid-term 2010 elections vanished with the deceitfully named, “Budget Control Act of 2011″.  According to a recent Rasmussen poll 62% of Americans feel that the entire Congress needs to be cleaned out. Why did the GOP, who owed their majority in the House- and in 600 state seats nationwide, ignore Tea Party Americans?  Why did they cave so spectacularly on the bi-partisan Cap, Cut, and Balance Pledge?  Why did they threaten the GOP Freshman?

In Washington D.C., self-preservation rules. The Tea Party threatens the power of the ruling class in both parties. The Republican Establishment leadership  is against us (despite whatever rhetoric they tell you) as much as the Democrats.  It was Republican John McCain that called us Hobbits. Both parties have spent us into oblivion. They have both disregarded the Constitution. It was REPUBLICANS in the Virginia State Senate that gave us the biggest tax increase in Virginia history in 2004. RINOs and career politicians are the issue, and they are destroying the GOP.  NOT the tea party.
There are excellent Republicans who hold principle over party.  Too few, I’m afraid. And the GOP Establishment makes sure that they are marginalized. None of the “Tea Party” Senators in the U.S. Senate were placed on the unconstitutional super committee.   I’ve seen similar actions here in Virginia, and in my talks with tea party leaders across the nation.

The tea party isn’t about party, but principles.  Having said that, we have a two party system. The Tea Party and other principled conservatives must reclaim the Republican party for constitutionally conservative values. The Democrat party is completely lost to the socialist/communist idealology, and that makes it imperative that the Republican party return to its limited government, liberty-oriented roots. The Republican Party must take its own creed seriously, and not treat it like a commodity for votes.

In Virginia, we have a problem here because we don’t require party affiliation to vote.  No formal party affiliation also means that liberals who want to run in an R district run as Republicans.  And since the Republican party wants the “majority”, they let them.  Can you imagine the Democrats allowing a pro-life, fiscal conservative to run as a D, just to get the majority????  That may have been the case years ago, but it seldom happens now.  And if it does happen, how many are really allowed to vote along conservative lines? (Remember Bart Stupak’s sell out on Obamacare?) It doesn’t happen.  They use party discipline to make sure that the most liberal person gets elected, and holds to liberal programs.

The Tea Party should be bold and call out any politician who votes against the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions, who support increased government spending, whose votes “buy” constituents and political favor over the future of our commonwealth and our nation.  We should do that regardless of the R or the D. Some are fearful that calling out Republicans who stray from the Republican platform, will help the Democrats.  It might.  But honestly, has being quiet, or tolerating shameful compromises helped our nation?

Congressman Scott Rigell (R- 2nd District) is a case in point.   Our concern about him during the primary, was whether or not he would succumb to party pressure.  In the first 6 months in office, he did a great job holding the line on the continuing resolutions. Some thought that he had been misjudged.   Then he voted for one of the worst bills to come before Congress since Obamacare and the Frank-Dodd takeover of our financial system.  Rigell’s vote was profoundly wrong. That’s the 2% or 20% disagreement that killed us. He voted for it over our strenuous objections.   Rigell voted for it even though I told his office that NRCC Chair, Rep. Pete Sessions was deceitfully showing my business card to GOP freshmen and telling them that I supported the Beohner plan.  Rigell knew that people like Jim Jordan were being threatened by the GOP establishment to have his district drawn out from under him by the GOP (like what happened to Congressman Landry of LA – who voted against the Boehner Plan).  If it was such a great bill, why did the GOP leadership like Eric Cantor have to play hardball with the GOP freshmen?

The entire “debt ceiling debate” was one giant political circus. Did you know that Mitch McConnell had already planned his response to this BACK IN JANUARY???  The GOP Establishment planned to sell out, and Harry Reid knew it.  We paid the price.

Every member of the tea party movement needs to read the book Confrontational Politics, written by a retired State Senator H.L. Richardson. You can get that book as a gift for a contribution of $100 or more to the Alliance).   We are not here to get along with politicians so that we have “access”.  Access is meaningless. I would also recommend Conservatives Betrayed by Richard Vigeurie. Read Vigeurie’s play by play of the arm twisting the GOP establishment did to pass Medicare Part D.  Those same tactics were also used by the Democrats to pass Obamacare. And the GOP used them again to pass the Boehner plan.

Politicians respond to “pain”. Threaten their careers with a viable threat, such as a primary, or loss in donor support, and you will get a more responsive politician.  That’s just a fact.  Politics is not about compromise. There is no compromise with the evil progressive/socialist/liberal agenda. None.

The GOP Establishment must be cleaned out and replaced with constitutional conservatives who will not bow to pressure.  We must do that, at the same time we re-establish conservative values in our culture, our educational system, and in policy, or we are wasting our time.

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  1. By Freddy Boisseau, August 9, 2011

    We do need to get those in Congress out of office on both sides of the aisle, and to do that we need to work together find, vetting endorsing and then supporting new candidates for office. That is the reason that Sanity 2012( was started to help give the local grassroots groups the resources to make a difference, without them having to change who they are.

    One of those resources is the iCaucus vetting process, which has been proven very successful at finding strong principled candidates. Several of those were leaders in the fight on the hill including Senator Mike Lee, Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Justin Amash to name a few.


  2. By Aaron Mills, August 15, 2011

    Our congress was doing a good job at not caving to party pressure because they had not yet felt any. It is easy to vote for something popular, and not to vote for something unpopular. However, even my congressman Robert Hurt, who I thought was doing well like many others, caved when it came time to stand up and act like a man. Instead he showed he is exactly the same as the rest.

    Its time to retire the enire lot of them. Ron Paul is the only republican I am even considering voting for.. the rest can go take a hike as far as I am concerned.

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