Bill Bolling’s Political director wants to “Throw Tea Party Overboard”

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // August 4, 2011   // Comments Off

In a recent twitter exchange Marissa Pugmire, Bill Bolling’s Political director said the following:

Question by:djneltz[Daniel Nelson]

Is there a way we could have a Boston tea party where we actually toss the Tea Party folks in a bay?

Response by Mpugmire: [Marissa Pugmire]

I really, really want to retweet that, but I can’t. I have that same thought everyday.

Why does Bolling’s political director want to throw us into the bay? And now we see that Bolling is going to be working for the least conservative presidential candidate Mitt (aka: Willard) Romney? Lovely

More about Marissa from LI:

Marissa Pugmire is currently serving as the Political Director for Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling. She previously assisted in the re-election of Lieutenant Governor Bolling as the Deputy Political Director with primary focus in the Northern Virginia region of the Commonwealth. She was instrumental in the election of Governor-elect Bob McDonnell, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli helping each of these candidates to win 50% of the vote in this vital region. In previous years she has taken leadership roles in other noted organizations such as the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Romney for President Campaign, Judy Lloyd for State Assembly Campaign, Victory ’06 Operation and other local and state campaigns around the country. Marissa also coordinated following the presidential election with Governor Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC through their fundraising department. Marissa attended Brigham Young University and currently splits her time between Arlington and Richmond, Virginia.

In 2010 several Tea Party leaders were working to remove several Republican party unit chairs in the 5th district. We ran into Marisssa Pugmire at the time and questioned why Bill Bolling was meddling with the unit chair selection by giving his endorsement to people we were trying to unseat. She replied with a smirk on her face with the typical establishment drivel.

I hope Bolling doesn’t expect our support in 2012 for anything higher than Dog Catcher.

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  1. By Darriel Burnett, August 4, 2011

    If Bill Bolling is a friend of yours, here’s a little heads up.

    Ms Pugmire has only one vote and if her disdain for the TEA Party people is of greater value to her and Bolling, than the constituency composed of these members both are on their own. Her and many others do not like TEA Party folks… that’s fine. Their dislike revolves around the fact, Republicans have not functioned within their own creed and do not like being called to task.

    I will say this to you and those in question here:

    If you think you can use people, dispose of them and still expect support, go for it. I had enough of the abuse by politicians long before the TEA Party evolved into a group, beneath one banner. That changed to some degree with the direction and support we were involved in during the last election cycles. You are about to screw it up. I will not stand for this behind the scenes disloyalty, disdain and absolute disregard for the good conservative people that without doubt put your butt in office.

    Darriel Burnett
    Chairman, Danville TEA Party

  2. By Randy Marcus, August 4, 2011

    I read your post on Marissa’s inappropriate tweet and wanted to share some additional information.

    The LG was made aware of this situation yesterday from a letter from Mark Lloyd. He contacted Mr. Lloyd last night to apologize for this occurring. The LG agrees the comments, and the attitude they reflect, were inappropriate and unacceptable. We have discussed the matter with Marissa and made clear these types of comments will not be tolerated by any members of our staff. The LG has a high opinion of the Tea Party. He participated in last year’s convention and strongly supported the Repeal Amendment. He believes they are an invaluable partner to achieving our shared conservative goals.

    Randy Marcus
    Chief of Staff
    Office of Lieutenant Governor Bolling

    • By Bonnie, August 4, 2011

      Quite honestly, if the LG disagreed with her tweets (which the whole world saw), then he should make some statement at least as public as she did. The twitter arena right now has heard nothing except her hatred of the Tea Party. They are fuming. He needs to get his opinion known and public or people will believe her opinion is his.

      Right now, since we’ve heard nothing for such awhile out there on Twitter, media etc. my friends and I believe she speaks for him. He has done or said nothing to make us think otherwise.

      And we are not happy. We thought we had a good relationship with the Governor’s office, including Bolling. But if he is kicking us to the curb now that he’s favoring Romney and his political director hates us, so be it. But I’m sure you have met enough of us to realize we will not be silent and we won’t apologize for our involvement. The state belongs to the citizens – you guys just govern it.

      Bonnie E. Betts
      John Adams Patriots of Stafford VA

  3. By SciGuy, August 4, 2011

    Bolling’s political director has no use for the Tea Party…

    and Bolling is the point dog for Mitt Romney…

    hmm, that can’t mean Romney has no use for We the Tea Party People, can it?

    I sure wish Perry would hurry up and jump in.

  4. By Brian W. Schoeneman, August 4, 2011

    Are people not permitted to have their own opinions now?

    I have long wondered why folks are willing to attribute the political opinions of employees to their employers. If you don’t like what Marissa said, that’s fine. She’s entitled to her opinion. But I don’t understand why the need to somehow impute what she said to the LG.

    • Kurt Feigel By Kurt Feigel, August 4, 2011

      She is his “Political ‘Director’ ” not some filing cabinet peon.

      • By Brian W. Schoeneman, August 4, 2011

        So when you become “political director” you cease to have your own opinions and can parrot only your bosses?

        Come on, Kurt.

        We’re supposed to believe in personal responsibility around here, whether you’re Tea Party, Republican, establishment or whatever. That means, at least to me, we don’t go blaming other people for someone’s screw ups. If you want to hold Marissa accountable, fine. But it’s wrong to act like she’s speaking on behalf of the LG unless it’s clear she’s doing that. She clearly wasn’t doing that here.

        If Ken Cuccinelli’s PD said the same thing, would you be here saying Ken must have a problem with the Tea Party and threaten to withhold support from him? Why do I think the answer to that is no?

        • Kurt Feigel By Kurt Feigel, August 4, 2011

          I see what the issue is here.

          If Ken C had displayed an attitude hostile to what Conservatives are trying to do in VA I absolutely would come out after him.

          We surround ourselves with people of like mind in most cases. Certainly the LG does.

          • By Brian W. Schoeneman, August 4, 2011

            When has the LG ever displayed an attitude hostile to what Conservatives are trying to do in VA? He’s got as conservative a record as the AG has, if not more conservative. He didn’t say anything here. A staffer did.

            Are you honestly trying to say Bolling is some kind of RINO?

            I can’t speak for you or anyone else, but I know that I don’t surround myself with folks of like mind. I like getting different opinions because I know mine aren’t always right. To paraphrase Patton, If you’re in a room and everyone is thinking the same thing, someone isn’t thinking.

            If you want to blast Marissa for what she said, she’s been in this business long enough to take it. But it’s throwing aside conservative principles to try and impute what she said to the LG.

  5. By Ron Blevins, August 5, 2011

    To make a point, This is LG Bill Bolling’s “Political Director” which would mean she directs political advise to the LG. The problem is with the statement she made and/or agreed with on twitter and the fact that the LG has disagreed with her only in a private call to Mark Lloyd. The LG should, if he truly disagrees with his Political Director, he should have the back bone to post his disagreement with her on twitter along with any disciplinary actions taken.

    As far as the comment made that this was her opinion and does not reflect on the LG. When you are in a position that may compromise your employer or their integrity it is best to keep your opinions to yourself!
    Things that are said by an employee can and do compromise employers and employers do take disciplinary action, up to termination. I know for a fact that in some lines of work a person can lose more than their job if they say the wrong thing, they can do prison time and be fined!

    Bill Bolling needs to come out publicly and on twitter to discredit the Political Director and any accusations she may have made.

    Ron Blevins
    Southwest Virginia Tea Party – Chairman

  6. By Mark Kevin Lloyd, August 5, 2011

    Yes, the LG did respond to my letter. He responded with a very cordial email. He did tell me that the issue was discussed with Marissa, and she did acknowledge her serious lapse in judgement of making such comments. He did express that he was sorry this had occurred.

    However, the folks she wants to toss in the bay are calling me and expressing their anger, frustration, and disappointment in this situation. They are increasingly convinced that the feelings she expressed in her lapse are not hers alone.

    Sadly, this entire unfortunate situation is representative of the divide that exists in the conservative world. There are some in the movement that simply want to start a third party because they distrust the GOP and they will paint the entire party, not just the LG’s office, with Marissa’s comments and feeling about the Tea Party. This is foolish, and would guarantee a permanent minority. But, there are many in the GOP “establishment” that do hate the fact that the Tea Party has come on the scene to hold them accountable and change the way things are done in DC and Richmond. They appear to see the Tea Party movement as a hyperactive unruly mob. Their unwillingness to work with the newly energized will guarantee the loss of our recent gains, and guarantee a permanent minority.

    It is my opinion that we have made great strides in Virginia, and we are working together in many areas to achieve our common goals. In many areas we have built bridges and some real trust. However, this regrettable occurrence does add to the deep distrust that far too many still possess.

    • By Bonnie, August 8, 2011

      I’m sureLG Bolling is aware the longer he goes without addressing this with a public statement the more damage he does to the trust between conservatives in Va. If he remains silent, will the damagebe irreparable? Maybe so. I hear manywho believe he has thrown the Tea Party under the bus. It will be difficult to rouse support fr Bolling in 2013 if they continue to feel that way.

      Bonnie E. Betts
      John Adams Patriots

  7. By Tim Boyer, August 6, 2011

    I do find it interesting that LG Bolling’s high ranking staff would feel that way about the tea party. I have always considered Bolling to be much less conservative in action than in rhetoric. His continued support for Romney is only one of many concerns I have with his record. I have compiled an extensive list on my blog of past offenses to conservatism by Mr. Bolling at

    • By Rick Buchanan, August 8, 2011

      It appears Ms Pugmire works for people who are anti-Tea Party. We met Marissa in April of 2010 when we, The Fauquier County Tea Party, held a 1st District Chairmanship candidate forum. Marissa was the staff person that accompanied Tom to the event. She was very competent and congenial in her dealings with us. Both Tom Foley and Les Gabriel attended, addressed the crowd and answered questions. Mr Foley was not happy to be there. He had understood, mistakenly, that he could just give a speech and leave. His mood could be best described as irritable because he would have to face questioning from the 50 Tea Party folks assembled. At this meeting, Mr Foley stated condescendingly that “if you are a good Republican, you do not need to be Tea Party.”
      It is my opinion she simply reflects the true political nature of those she works for and is now quickly being thrown under the bus for having echoed their sentiments publicly.

      Rick and Toni Buchanan
      Fauquier County Tea Party Patriots

  8. By Tim Boyer, August 6, 2011
  9. By Trevor S. Benson, August 7, 2011

    Bill Bolling is a typical Neo-Conservative RINO.

    Ken Cuccinelli For Governor!

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  11. Larry Bethea By Larry, August 15, 2011

    Maybe it’s the establishment Republicans that need to be thrown in the Bay. Then again we’ve been cleaning up the bay for years, why ruin it now!

    IMO If Republicans had followed the Republican Creed we wouldn’t have a need for the Tea Party! So if any Republican is against the Tea Party they are against the Republican Creed; which makes them bad republicans.

    Now Lt Gov. Bill Bolling has thrown his hat in with Mitt, I don’t consider Romney a Conservative one bit, so I’m wondering if his Political Director took him by the hand and led him to the establishment candidate, hmmm!

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