A Message for Maxine Waters

Posted by Dennis Gill   // August 22, 2011   // Comments Off

Congratulations my fellow patriots!  It would seem that what we are doing is having a negative affect on those kooks on the left.  In this instance, I am referring to that wizard of smart and racist extraordinaire, Maxine Waters.

On Saturday in that bastion of freedom and economic prosperity known as California, Mrs. Waters was speaking to a group of like minded idiots.  During her remarks, she proclaimed that the TEA Party (That would be you and me.) “can go straight to hell!”  Proceeding those comments, that apparently she feels furthers the civil political debate in the country, she stated, “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened.”

I guess she needed to take a break from preparing to defend herself before the House ethics committee where she will have to say that her attempts to get bail out money for a bank her husband owns stock in was 100 percent ethical and above board.   Considering she will be judged by her peers, I’m sure she will be cleared of any wrong doing.

Well Mrs. Waters, let me tell you something, you were correct in part of your statement, you can’t be intimidated or frightened.   And we in the TEA Party certainly aren’t intimidated or frightened by you or your leftist friends.  Your time has come and gone and the American people are now aware of you and your ilk and what you have done to this country and what you will do should that Marxist president of yours get another four years.  We the people run the show, not you or anybody else for that matter in Washington.

Be afraid ma’am, be very afraid.


Dennis Gill

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  1. By Michael Stakem, August 22, 2011

    I tried to contact Mrs Waters. Her website would only accept email from her district. Looks like a cowardly way to act to me.

  2. By Dustin Arnold, August 23, 2011

    Here is her facebook page…

  3. By Ron Blevins, August 29, 2011

    Is Mrs. Walters right, “this is a tough game, you can’t be intimidated or frightened.” First of all Mrs. Walters, this is not a game. This is the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans across the Nation. Second of all you have proved that you are intimidated and frightened of the Tea Party as you have resorted to slinging mud and calling names.

    On the other hand, the Tea Party is not intimidated or frightened by you or anyone else, including the establishment. The Tea Party has proved that business as usual is no longer acceptable! As for your other comment, Mrs. Walters, “The Tea Party can go straight to hell.” As a true American and Tea Party Patriot I would not wish this fate on anyone, not even you!

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