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You gotta love Texas.  Lawmakers there have passed a bill that is being considered by Governor Perry that would allow Texans to tell the feds to stick the compact fluorescent light bulbs up their rear ends.  (Don’t get all excited Barney, I’m speaking figuratively.)  According to the federal government, incandescent light bulbs will be the end of all of us, right up there with toilets that flush their contents the first time.  Next thing you know, Edison will be tried and convicted posthumously for crimes against humanity. 

So, should I not like to use the light bulbs that those inside the Beltway say I have to, I could just move to Texas and not have to worry about it.  And that is how it is supposed to work under Federalism.  The states on most matters are left to make whatever laws and set what ever regulations they see fit for the people within the state.  Don’t like, move. 

But when a law or regulation comes out of Washington that you don’t agree with, not much you can do about it.  Sure, you can elect somebody to represent you in Congress who agrees with your dislike of a certain law or regulation but he is just one person and can’t do much individually to change things.  There is even less chance to fix things when the regulation comes from a government agency and not a lawmaker. 

Lets take the divide between liberals and conservatives.  If things worked the way the Founders envisioned them to, if you were liberal and wanted to live in a place that outlawed guns, you could move to a state where the majority of others felt the same way you did and you could get a law passed banning guns.  (Yes it would violate the Constitution but you get the point.)  I would live in a state in which guns were welcomed and be happy as would you living in a state where they aren’t. 

In fact, most of us on the right could really care less how you live your life so long as it doesn’t adversely affect me or my family.  The problem is, most on the left think they know what is best for everybody so going back to the gun example, once you get guns outlawed in your state, you feel you have to come to mine and do the same.

Those of us in the TEA Party aren’t necessarily anti-government.  We understand that government has a role to play in a civilized society because there are some things that need to get done for the collective good.  Very few things though.  The problem is the government, particularly the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has amassed so much power to the point that we have no choice but to surrender our liberties to the federal bureaucracy.  We have allowed ourselves to get to a place where somebody in Washington DC knows what is best for those that live in Washington State instead of letting those in the state determine what is best for them.

I choose to live in Virginia for many different reasons.  One of those is that the government here, when compared to most states does a pretty good job not over taxing me, over regulating me or passing ridiculous laws.  No, we in Virginia are far from perfect but we are head and shoulders ahead of states like California who has so many crazy laws and regulations that I won’t even begin to chronicle them.  So, as a result, I don’t live in California despite the fact that it is an absolutely beautiful state. 

The long and the short of it is, for the survival of the country, it is imperative that states like Texas and Virginia and the other 48 (Or 57 depending on who you talk too.)  be allowed to govern themselves as they see fit without the federal government sticking it’s nose in everybody’s business.  The left can govern themselves the way they see fit and the rest of us can just sit back with a cold brew and a cigar and watch the implosion safely from afar.


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