What Would Bibi Do?

Posted by Dennis Gill   // May 25, 2011   // Comments Off

Yesterday before a joint meeting of Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave what can only be described as an epic speech.  A speech that our president could never have given because this speech wasn’t about apologizing to the world.  Prime Minister Netanyahu solidified himself as a true leader saying the kinds of things that our past presidents used to say.  Telling it like it is and doing so fearlessly and with a confidence rarely seen in heads of state anymore.  

He was steadfast in his resolve when he rebuked President Obama’s demands that Israel gives back the land it took during the 6 day war.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has recognized that the very survival of his country depends on peace through strength.  Simply put, Bibi today showed that his pair are bigger then our presidents.  He was very Reagan like. 

What I see in Netanyahu’s speech was the characteristics that I want in my president; strong, confident and uncompromising of his principles.  The GOP presidential hopefuls had better have been watching and taking notes.  Netanyahu acted like HE was the leader of the free world.  Perhaps he is.

What you have to admire about Benjamin Netanyahu, whether you agree with him or not is that he doesn’t play politics or mince words when it comes to the very survival of his country.  And don’t be fooled, the elections of 2012 are all about the very survival of the United States.  If you don’t believe that, please commence to removing your head from your rectum.  

The candidate that we choose to go up against Obama must have qualities similar to Netanyahu’s because those are the qualities of a strong leader.  And our candidate must be unwavering in standing up for the principles this nation was founded on.  Our candidate must be willing to say and do the things needed to right the ship, even at the expense of being demonized by the left and their lap dogs, the media which most definitely will happen.  These things we must demand of our next Republican Presidential candidate.

 In short, the person who wishes to unseat Obama and occupy the White House under the banner of the GOP should ask themselves one simple question.  What would Bibi do?


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