Radtke Statement About Tim Kaine and Debt

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Statement from the Campaign of Jamie Radtke

One thing you can say about politics: It’s full of surprises. Here’s Tim Kaine — former Governor and former Obama DNC Chairman — being asked ‘Do you know what the national debt currently is?’ Watch his answer (below). It will shock you and give you a clue about how serious Washington politicians are about the debt.

Governor Kaine, the bill for a Georgetown lunch is “sizable.” The national debt, on the other hand, is $14.3+ TRILLION and rising fast, thanks to the policies of President Obama and your DNC. For future reference, you might want to check our web site often – www.radtkeforsenate.com – because we are tracking the national debt there.

The Virginia Senate race is between:
  1. Tim Kaine, a candidate who doesn’t know the size of the US national debt;
  2. George Allen, a candidate who voted to add $3.1 trillion to the US national debt; and,
  3. Jamie Radtke, a Republican Tea Party leader who is fighting FOR restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington, and AGAINST the career politicians who abdicated fiscal responsibility.
Stand against this $14.3 trillion dollar debt disaster and those who created it by signing up at www.RadtkeforSenate.com.
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