Tea Party: This is a war

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Friends in the Tea Party,

I continue to see countless national organizations trying to put a handle on the tea party so they can influence the coming elections. The movement is so decentralized this is not a major issue in my opinion.

However, there also seems to be an impulse from within our newly formed activist groups  to see who can shout the loudest. People assume that the group that can field the most people at a Union/Anti-Union situation like Wisconsin are going to win. There are those that think this entire thing is a shouting match, and if we don’t shout as loudly as the thugs on the left, we are losing something.

This is a war that we are in, but it is not a war with guns and bombs. In many respects this is a shouting match, but not one where we must protest more, or more often.  This is a war for the minds of America. Our country is in dire straits financially. We are going to default on our debts if we continue down this path, that can not be understated or misunderstood. The promise of future generations is being squandered by greedy men in Washington DC. This is a war of ideas.

We have already shown that we have the loudest voice in this war. The 2010 mid-term elections were the largest political victory in our nations history. This country spoke with a loud voice and condemned what our government is doing in more unity than anyone could have imagined on their own.

This is not a war of Generals strategically moving armies of men against each other. This is a war of neighbors trying to wake each other up. We are fighting against generations of uninformed consumers who lack the basic understanding of how their own government works. We are fighting against a culture that is more interested in who Paris Hilton is sleeping with than who is stealing from them.

A protest is a vehicle to make our presence known to those around us. It is our chance to say to our neighbors “You are not alone in this, come stand with us”.  A rally is not a contest to see who has more numbers, it is  a chance for patriots to gather and feel for just a few hours like “We have a chance at saving this country”.

So the next time you see a Union Protest, or another special interest group rallying for a cause.. just remember, THOSE people are not the enemy, they are the AstroTurf. The enemy is inaction, and choosing NOT to voice your opinion. Some people may not like your opinion. In business your opinion might even cost you money.

Make no mistake, informing people, waking them up, and directing them to immediate intelligent action is the only way this war for our society and our culture will ever be won. Speak the truth, don’t hold it back.

The battlefields of this war are all over our cities at water coolers, bar stools, restaurant tables, living rooms, hunting cabins, and church potlucks. This war is anywhere your voice can be heard.

We must learn how to communicate without fear, and without forcing others into our own opinions. We must find ways to spark interest in those around us, and turn those in mental hibernation into seekers of truth. We must read and recommend good books. We must watch and recommend good movies. We must be that guy forwarding the political link on facebook and email. We must respectfully let our families know where we stand. We can put up with those who disagree with us, but we must never accept our own inaction. Our own failure to act is our greatest enemy.

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  1. JonWakefield By Jon Wakefield, March 21, 2011

    Excellent post, Aaron. I firmly believe that there are more than enough decent people in America who understand the facts about our nation (or are quickly learning them), past and present, to inform and persuade those who don’t. As you said, we just all need to stand up and speak, anywhere, anytime, no matter the consequences. Our case is rock-solid and will ultimately win with enough dedication behind it.

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  3. By Ernie, March 22, 2011

    Thanks Aaron for reminding us what we need to continue doing. We must educate, inform, and mobilize our friends and neighbors. The truth will set us all free.

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