Ground War in Libya? What do you think?

Posted by AaronMills   // March 26, 2011   // Comments Off


Do you think we will have a Ground War in Libya? This poll will close on April 15th.

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  1. By P. Pipher, March 26, 2011

    We do not want a third war to entangle the USA. if need be, protest this operation now. NATO is us, and we should not be under the UN or anyone else’s command!!!!

  2. By Jim Harless, March 27, 2011

    Do I think President Obama will eventually send ground troops to Libya? Yes. Do I think the President has already committed an impeacable act relative to his actions on Libya? Yes. Do I think our current Congress has the backbone to do anything about it? Resoundingly, NO!
    The time has come and passed for the citizens of this nation to take our home land back from the DC Politico. We are involved in conflicts around the world that have no ramifications to the well being of OUR citizens. We spend trillions of dollars abroad, while our own people struggle to make ends meet. It is time to get out of the United Nations. The only thing united about the UN, is that the US is expected to take the lead financially, as well as militarily in any world wide conflict THEY deem worthy of being involved in. Our nation needs to take the position that if a conflict is not in the Americas, we are not involved.
    The time has come to end ALL foreign aid, military and financial. How can one expect the average person on the street, which most of us are, to support efforts abroad, when our own house is in such disarray. Immigration reform? Immigration to our country needs to be temporarily halted until all illegals can be identified and deported. Illegals have broken the law and should be delt with accordingly. If one wishes to become a citizen of our once great nation, let it be done as my ancestors did. Educate yourself to our language, as well as to the opportunity to better your way of life within our system.
    As a nation, we do not need the approval of the international community. We can be, and need to pursue vigorously, the concept of once again being self sufficient. There are no major obsticales to prevent us from accomplishing this. The citizens must only become unified in our effort to elect leaders whose thinking is the same as ours.
    Space and time doesn’t allow me to present all my thoughts, so I will close with a final bullett point.
    We must put aside the fear of being labelled racist or insensitive and TRUELY speak our minds in a public forum. I think over time you will be supprised how many people feel the same way you do. QUIET DIPLOMACY IS FOR THE FLOCKS, NOT THE SHEPPARDS OF FREEDOM!

  3. By Maurice Cox, March 28, 2011

    When blogging on political issues I always refer to myself as Congressman Cox…In ref to Lybia; Congressman Cox (a retired military officer) would call Clinton, Gates, NSA, and WH admin officials on the carpet to explain to the American people how they square implementing the so called Obama Doctrine of protecting civilians in Lybia when SEC Gates admitted that Lybia poses no national security threat and does not impact our security objectives while Americans are paying $4 gallon of gas and inflationary food and retail prices which impact their ability to pay their mortgages and feed their family. How can America justify its involvement in an internal strife where a sovereign recognized government is battling an uprising? Like him or not Khadaffi is the leader of his country… I would then ask Mrs Clinton how her application of this doctrine to Lybia and not Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Sierra Leone, China, Iran, North Korea is justified…quoting her own response to Iraq as “The willing suspension of Disbelief”. Secondly, I would caution the Administration that they are bordering on treasonous acts far exceeding high crimes and misdemeanors by supplying rebels with arms knowing that AQ is fighting with them and have already secured massive amounts weapons to include missles which they have taken out of the country, and what would stop them from securing US supplied weapons and diverting them out of country for use by its forces against the US. Next, Congressman Cox, would inform the administration that legislation would be introduced to ensure any Continuing resolution contained specific language barring the use of DoD appropriations in the execution of Lybian actions until Congress approved… Finally, I would ask everyone to clearly define “Kinectic Miitary Action” using precedence to cite their justification of the term…..I would ask these questions because I know Speaker Boehner , and my congressman Rob Wittman, will not.

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